Kelly Ordway

a Whitefish, Montana based Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Massage Menu

 Contact Kelly at 406-261-2924 to schedule your next Massage/Energy or Yoga session in her tranquil home office.

Deep Tissue Massage                                                                          

 Firm pressure suited to your needs to relieve deep muscular tension and restore balance.                              1 hour - $85            1.5 hours - $125

 Rain Drop Therapy Massage                                                          Therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils fall as rain drops to your spine, legs and feet to promote  structural and emotional alignment and bliss! Followed by hot towels and full body massage.                       75 minutes - $105            1.5 hours - $125 

Pregnancy Massage

 Relieve low back pain, increase circulation and deeply rejuvenate while resting on a specialized table 
 with belly and breast recesses. Designed to nurture the nurturer!                                                                  1 hour - $75                       1.5 hours - $110 

Traditional Thai Massage

 This ancient combination of acupressure and assisted yoga stretches calms and energizes while 
 improving flexibility and posture. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. 
 1 hour 45 mintues - $140

 Private Yoga and Meditation                                                                Yoga was traditionally shared one-on-one from Teacher to Student. Enjoy asana (yogic postures),  pranayama (conscious breathing), mantra and meditation as a natural and seamless process specifically for  you. Receive a simple, potent ritual for Your daily Yoga. Inspired by Mark Whitwell and Yogi Bhajan.                  1 hour - $75                1.5 hours - $110

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  • "I want to thank you again for all the relief you have given me throughout the years with your beautiful massages. You have a gift of bringing peace and total relaxation with you..."
    Sherrie Garcia -Tucson, Arizona